Your engine is the heart of your truck. Whether gas or diesel, keeping your engine in tip top condition will extend its lifespan, improve its performance and provide you with an enhanced driving experience. At T&H Motorsports, engine repair and engine maintenance are in our DNA. It’s what we do. Noah & Wayne have built a solid reputation in the York County and Adams County community of providing excellent service. Our diesel technicians are second to none and we have all of the latest, top of the line diagnostic equipment on hand in our new 6 bay state-of-the-art facility.

T&H Motorsports is equipped to handle all your light duty diesel and gasoline engine maintenance needs. We help many local businesses maintain their trucks and even service entire fleets. When necessary, we perform major repair services such as engine overhauls and replacements, but we always encourage our customers to properly maintain and service their trucks on a regular schedule in order to extend the life of their vehicles and to save money.

You can trust Noah & Wayne with your truck. Their skills and knowledge are well known in the local truck community. Many of our customers come back again and again, and they send their friends and families to us as well. Our constant goal and number one priority remains to care for every single truck that comes through our shop as if it were our own. Outstanding work, excellent customer service and your total satisfaction is what we deliver.

Light Duty Truck Engine Repair

Engine Repair

When your truck comes to the guys at T&H Motorsports, you can trust it is in good hands. Every vehicle that enters our facility is treated like one of our own. We offer a variety of repair services to keep your diesel engine running like new.

high pressure fuel system components for a diesel truck
high pressure fuel system components for a light duty diesel truck awaiting repair at T&H Motorsports
high pressure fuel components for a diesel truck
High Pressure Fuel System Components

High Pressure Fuel Systems

Whether we are dealing with a common rail, HEUI, indirect injection, or distributor (rotary) fuel systems, our team has the knowledge to keep it happy. We only offer and install the best quality parts from some of the highest rated manufacturers, including: Warren Diesel Injection, Alliant Power, Holders Diesel, BOSCH, Industrial Injection, S&S,  and many more!

We offer all fuel system repairs, from simple fuel lines and leaks to full fuel system replacement due to contamination failures.

High Performance Engine Cooling System Components

High Performance Cooling Systems

We all know how hard these diesel engines work. One of the most important items of keeping that engine happy while under extreme conditions, is a healthy cooling system. 

These cooling systems become more and more complex by the day, as more components are added to these engines that require temperature control. A simple thermostat that becomes stuck can cause severe issues. 

We service and repair all components of these systems, including EGR coolers, oil coolers, water pumps, thermostats, radiators, and more. We  stock several lines of Oem products and the highest rated aftermarket replacements to ensure that only the best is installed in our shop.

T&H Motorsports diagnosing a truck engine in their shop
Light Duty Diesel Engine Repair

Engine Diagnostics

Is that truck of yours leaving oil spots in your driveway again? Does it seem like it just does not tow as well as it used to? Is it becoming more difficult to start on those cold mornings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, give us a call.

We are equipped with all of the best diagnostic devices and software available. We also offer in house programming utilizing Ford IDS, GM GDS2, and Mopar WiTech 2.0.

 Our team of master technicians has been studying these engines for many years and has learned the “tricks of the trade” to ensure when we provide you with a diagnostic report of your vehicle, we are confident that the recommended repair will remedy your concerns.

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