Here at T&H Motorsports, we have seen our fair share of catastrophic powertrain  failures. Unfortunately, when these types of failures occur, overhaul or replacement is sometimes required. 

We offer several options to get your truck back on the road, should one of these internal issues arise.

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Diesel Truck Engine Overhauls

Engine Overhauls

Here in our facility, we perform many “in house” engine rebuilds and complete overhauls. We have partnered with some of the best local machinists, so that we can guarantee a quality product every time. Whether you are looking for a completely stock “refresh” or a performance build that can handle some high horsepower, we have products and components available to fit your needs. 

new diesel replacement engine
New Replacement Engine

Replacement Engines

We understand that sometimes disaster strikes at the worst possible time, and you cannot operate with your vehicle being down for an extended period of time. Due to this understanding, we also offer many Oem and aftermarket options for engine replacement. We have many resources available to us so that we can offer everything from “turnkey” complete drop in Oem engines, to replacement shortblocks that we then finalize assembly on. 

T&H Motorsports installs new and rebuilt transmissions in light diesel pick up trucks
diesel truck replacement transmission at T&H Motorsports in New Oxford, PA
Transmission Replacement

Replacement Transmissions

While the engine of your vehicle is responsible for producing all of the horsepower and torque required for these trucks to handle the vigorous tasks they are faced with, the transmission becomes responsible for transferring all of that power to the ground. 

There are many transmission manufacturers in the diesel industry today. We have tested and installed many different brands and units over the years in our own vehicles, so that we can feel confident when offering these products to our customers. 

If you’re in need of a replacement transmission assembly, give us a call to discuss all of the options we have available from Motorcraft, BD Diesel, Suncoast, Goerend, and many more!

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